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Engage customers through artificial intelligence and chatbots.

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Optimize your advertising and attribute online-to-offline.

About Labs

Brandify Labs is an experimental, mobile-first, incubation environment focused on Local innovation. Brandify Labs enables enterprise brand marketers to lead within their respective industries by formulating disruptive, location-based strategies and connecting with the consumers of tomorrow.

Current Brandify Labs experiments include Cognify and Audience. Brands who experiment with Brandify Labs will work directly with Brandify’s seasoned team of mobile, social and cognitive specialists to develop new ways of connecting online to offline through location.



Robust Data Set

Personalized Mobile Interaction

Predictive Customer Intelligence

Strategic Partnership


Automate Local Intelligence

• Master local listings management, interaction and action through conversational commerce.
• Give customers local information they want before they want it using Facebook Messenger and chat bots.
• Simplify the customer experience by optimizing for local voice search on Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson.


Tracking the Local Customer Journey

• Use first and third party data to identify optimal points of local engagement.
• Attract online users and seamlessly move them through the path to purchase.
• Convert local customers using timely, contextual promotions across channels and devices.
• Bring attribution full circle through insights and local customer journey tracking.


Integrating and Leveraging Location

• Implement on-demand user-facing services like Uber, Dine Time, Lyft and more.
• Create rich, cognitive customer experiences using artificial intelligence on mobile locators, local pages, apps and social media.
• Use in-store location tracking to trigger notifications in combination with beacons and mobile wallets.

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Chatbot Locator

• Seamless search experience
• Deliver faster store or product information
• Frictionless mobile experience

Smart Review Response

• AI for scaled response
• Improve operational cost
• Improve response rate & quality